blacksquare13I found out yesterday that our beloved program along with the studio arts program are being cut by the University. Currently, our cohort will be able to graduate next year but no new students are being admitted.

Frankly, I am shocked by the lack of communication, the short-sightedness and arrogance of the university. They cite university-wide budget cuts but I have to wonder how how much money has recently been spent on accreditation, renovations and technology upgrades. Clearly, their roots in community based education have been lost.

I am so lucky to work with this amazing group of people. They have shown me dedication, an incredible work ethic and shared their diverse and inspiring skills always with a smile and a laugh. This is not the kind of education that a big box generic university can provide. It is a great loss to the art community.

When Hitler closed the Bauhaus, new schools opened. I can only hope that history repeats should this actually take place. All of the textile arts pieces that are publicly displayed on campus have been covered by a black shroud. In a symbolic gesture of solidarity I am virtually shrouding the art I planned to post here today.


About amandawood

A contemporary embroiderer, dyer, and weaver full of admiration for Japanese textiles.

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