alpaca2013Over the summer I borrowed a four harness floor loom and wove up a long alpaca warp. This is the first of the two scarves now off the loom. It’s incredibly soft. The plan is to sew it up into a mobius loop that loops around twice the way I’ve pinned it here. I have yet to wash it but I’m hoping the drape will soften slightly although I kind of like the structured feel of the unwashed wool. I look forward to wearing it. It’s supposed to snow tonight!


About amandawood

A contemporary embroiderer, dyer, and weaver full of admiration for Japanese textiles.


  1. Seems the mobius or infinity scarf is a big trend this season. I’ve been thinking about whether the loop could be woven closed rather than sewn. Seems to me it could be theoretically possible on some looms, but I haven’t quite worked out how. Congratulations on your beautiful weave. The colour contrast looks terrific.

    • amandawood

      Thanks for your comment! I think you could use double weave to create a circle scarf but not sure about a mobius.

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