Transformation 2012


I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a family of makers. Combining my early explorations with craft and my love of good design, I developed a successful line of kits and workshops to help young families explore making. While enrolled in the Textile Arts program at Capilano University, I further expanded my skills as a designer and maker.

I love the meditative aspects of embroidery and the satisfaction of creating a beautiful thing out of a piece of string, whether the technique is sewing, surface design, or weaving. My inspiration comes from my world as well as the work of my children and artists like  Tilleke Schwarz, Anni Albers, Maira Kalman, and Bruno Munari. I continue to work with children while developing my practice as a textile artist.

Artist Statement

I am process driven and work within a conceptual framework influenced by haptic exploration of materials around me. Ideation comes through research: both formal and informal forays into my environment, my memories and contemporary culture.

Through line, shape and texture my work is a visual exploration of unseen structures at play such as mapping, hidden geometries, or patterns that create a sense of order underlying the apparent chaos. Tension between material characteristics and the rigidity of applied structures and processes creates the dialogue I seek to explore.

You can reach me at: woodtextilestudio(at)gmail(dot)com or follow me on instagram or pinterest.



  1. Great website Amanda! I am in love with that scarf pictured above on the left.


  2. i love the newer blog space and the projects and processes you are learning.

    • amandawood

      Thanks Ella! It’s slow and sporadic but I hope to have more up here again soon.

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